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   PRIMARY EXPERTISE available from RSI is in design and development of automated vision systems.  Software is designed using the latest object oriented design methodologies.  The primary development language at RSI is C++.   Technical staff members have a familiarity with a number of development environments and programming and scripting languages, including Ada, Basic, C, C++, Fortran, Java, Lisp, Pascal, and Perl.  Software development tools include Visual C++, Symantec Café, Emacs, and BASH Shell. Odd Cartoon
Researcher Cartoon     RSI personnel have designed new feature extraction, clustering, classification, and information measurement algorithms.  Personnel are skilled at generating proposals and reports and have an understanding of software maintainability issues and the software documentation process.
    RSI technical experience also includes multi-look development, multi-sensor fusion, stereo extraction and processing for visible, infrared, and radar imaging systems. Binoculars


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