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Carole G. Vogel

   CAROLE GARBUNY VOGEL is the award-winning author of 26 nonfiction books for children and young adults. Fascinated by the power of nature, she conveys her passion for unusual geological and meteorological events in Shock Waves Through Los Angeles; The Great Midwest Flood; and Nature's Fury: Eyewitness Reports of Natural Disasters, the last of which was chosen the 2001 Boston Authors Club Book of the Year.


According To the review journal Booklist, “Vogel adeptly walks the line between scientific information and the irresistible fascination with disasters...and she puts it all at child level.” The Great Yellowstone Fire, co-authored with Kathryn A. Goldner, was described in Appraisal as a “model of good science writing.” The Boston Parents’ Paper deemed it “one of the 100 best children’s books of the century.”



Ms. Vogel’s publications, Legends of Landforms; Weather Legends; and Breast Cancer: Questions & Answers for Young Women, have all won high praise.


The Man Who Flies with Birds

by Carole Garbuny Vogel and Yossi Leshem


2010 – The Man Who Flies with Birds was named a Sydney Taylor Notable Book

2009 – The Man Who Flies with Birds was named a Smithsonian Notable Children’s Book


Carole G. Vogel has her own six-book series on the ocean!

Dangerous Crossing       Human Impact       Ocean Wildlife

The Restless Sea

Savage Waters       Shifting Shores       Underwater Exploration

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