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Carole Vogel's Presentations and Workshops:

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What Do Nonfiction Writers and Students Have in Common?
In a fifty-minute presentation geared for grades 3-9, Carole Vogel explores the common ground that nonfiction writers share with students. Using an interactive approach, she demonstrates how her stories evolve from idea to printed word utilizing the same strategies students apply in report writing. These dynamic and fun presentations reinforce the research and writing tactics students require for creating successful reports. Ms. Vogel also addresses the pros and cons of using the Internet for research.

What Does It Take to Become a Writer?
This fifty-minute presentation for grades 3-6 explores the process of becoming a writer. Hands-on materials from actual book projects are used to demonstrate the making of a book from start to finish. The necessity of rewriting, the challenge of selecting the right photographs and illustrations, and the survival of the editing process are emphasized.

Thinking Like a Writer
Designed for grades K-2, this 30- to 45-minute presentation shows younger students how nonfiction writers create stories from their own experiences or from real events that have happened in the world. Carole Vogel demonstrates the steps used in writing a story—prewriting (thinking), drafting (painting with words), revising (checking for a strong beginning, middle, and end), editing (making it better), and publishing (selecting the best work).

The Man Who Flies with Birds
30- to 45-minute PowerPoint presentation introduces students and their parents to the amazing work of Yossi Leshem, the Israeli bird expert who soars with eagles—and with storks, and other high-flying birds. By tracking the migratory patterns of the 500 million birds that pass over Israel each year, Yossi has been able to significantly reduce the number of bird/airplane collisions in his nation’s airspace. The presentation is chock full of stunning photographs of Israel’s birds.

Writing about Someone Else’s Life
Telling the story of someone’s life can be tricky, whether you are writing about a famous person whom you never met, or you are compiling the history of living members of your family. How do you sort truth from fiction? Is it okay to write about embarrassing or hurtful events if the person is still living? How can you keep the story interesting if the person was or is sometimes boring? In this presentation, Carole Vogel discusses the research process, writing challenges, and ethical dilemmas that writers face when their topic is another human being. This 50-minute presentation is for grades 3 through adult.

Creating Your Own Weather Legends
Snow, sleet, thunder and rain—modern science gives us complex explanations for the weather we experience. In ancient times these tools didn’t exist. Native Americans viewed the sun, wind, and clouds as living entities with a spirit and personality of their own. How would you have explained the fury of a thunderstorm? Based on Carole Vogel’s book Weather Legends: Native American Lore and the Science of Weather, this 45-minute workshop for grades 2-9 will allow students to invent their own weather legends. The use of vivid verbs will be encouraged.

Who Needs Natural Disasters?
In a 50-minute PowerPoint presentation for grades four and up, Ms. Vogel explores the vital role played by volcanoes, earthquakes, wildfires, and floods in maintaining Earth’s life-nurturing environments. As she delves into the less sinister aspects of natural disasters, Vogel shows how desolate the world would be without these cataclysms.

Writer in Residence   
In a period of five to six weeks, Carole Vogel works with a core group of students in grades 4-8 to produce a nonfiction book from beginning to end. In teams or as individuals, students research, organize, write, edit, and publish their own books about a disaster that impacted their community, such as the 1938 New England Hurricane. This approach can be adapted to writing about scientific phenomena, historical events, biographies, family histories, sports, and how-to-books. It focuses on the research and writing skills needed for reports, term papers, and communication in the business world.

For Adults: Writing Nonfiction
Topics include a detailed overview of the research process, determining if a topic is salable, finding and approaching experts on your subject, steps involved in the actual writing process, photo research, and how to obtain illustrations if you can't draw. Guidelines for marketing manuscripts, negotiating contracts, working with editors, and promoting books are included. Presentations: 90 minutes. Intensive workshops: Half day or full day.

For Adults: Creating Compelling Stories from the Heart

In this 90-minute presentation, Carole Vogel will share her strategies for writing about the significant moments in a person’s life. The emphasis will be on describing events that elicit powerful emotions and capturing the qualities of the people who touched your life. This talk will be applicable to people writing for their own pleasure and for those with an eye toward publication.


Number of presentations Carole gives in a day: Maximum of four
Group size: Individual classes or two classes combined
Books may be ordered through your local bookstore or directly from the author before her visit


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