Will I Get Breast Cancer? Questions & Answers for Teenage Girls

Will I Get Breast Cancer?

Questions and Answers for Teenage Girls

by Carole G. Vogel

Published by Julian Messner, 1995

Reading level Grade 7+

Black & White photographs and line drawings


128 pages

SC-ISBN: 0-671-88047-0, LSB-ISBN:0-671-88046-2

   Young women may be able to lower their risk of breast cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices. This no-nonsense, yet ultimately reassuring book shows the way. Must reading for any young woman, it provides not only up-to-the minute information on reducing breast cancer risk, but also on detection and treatment of the disease. Will I Get Breast Cancer? takes the mystery out of breast cancer and the scary statistics that surround it.   
   In clear, concise, and calm language author Carole Vogel answers questions that girls may have about breasts, cancer, and how breast cancer is diagnosed and treated. She also lets girls know what to expect when someone they love undergoes cancer treatment. Lastly, this book offers practical guidance and comfort to teenagers whose mothers are losing the battle to cancer.